Tuesday, August 19, 2008

World Pulse Weekend Review

It's been awhile since posting, so today, you get to read multiple posts ~
We'll start with the weekend events.

On Friday we drove up to South Bend -
  • Our first stop was the campus of Notre Dame.
    • Not to make anyone too mad, Notre Dame is my least favorite collegiate team.
      • I believe they have received way too many NCAA perks, which skews the competition, plus, my sister Janet is a huge Irish fan, and that is unacceptable.
    • We walked around the football stadium which was all locked up, so we could not walk in.
    • We did walk into the Joyce Center - the men's and women's basketball courts, which was nice. That building also contains and extra gym, athletic offices, National championship trophies, the hockey rink, swimming pool, and more. It was nice to be allowed to have full access to the building and walk wherever.
    • Then we drove to the football practice field. I could barely see over the tarp covering the 10 foot high fences that the team was practicing. There was no way to see in, except through the main gate, so I thought a 30 second peek and the boys would be impressed.
      • However, when we got out of the car the security guard firmly told us no looking at practice. I asked, 'even for 30 seconds for a kid.' The response was a very sympathetic (NOT!) 'get lost' (my internalization).
        • I must admit, I made a comment under my breath, but loud enough for Debbie and anyone within 10 feet to hear.
      • So, here is my take. They are arrogant and pompous about who they are! I could see no pictures, no cameras, you have 1 minute to look in and keep quiet, then 'scram.' But not even a kid can get a look. NFL teams allow people to watch their preseason practices. One more reason not to like Notre Dame. Go San Diego State!
  • We eventually checked in at the hotel, The Inn at St. Mary's. A very nice hotel with a nice hot breakfast buffet. We went to the riverwalk and hung out at night, played at the play ground and had fun.
  • Sleep was difficult since there was a party down the hall, with lots of drinking. We called the desk 2 times and I went down once. That was a first . . . never complained about a group or room before. Eventually it quieted down around 12:30 a.m.
Okay, I'll continue the weekend review in another post.

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