Wednesday, May 27, 2009


HERO: Becoming the Man She Desires is a powerful book for young men as well as us older men to read. This book ends a trilogy of books from the "EVERY MAN" series of books as Fred Stoeker candidly reveals his struggle with sexual sin and pornography. The full story is found in his book, Tactics.

Fred reveals the deeper story as he wondered what would his sons remember about him? Would they be led down the same path he ventured, or would they be pure, holy and obedient to Christ.

It's an intense book, one which should be read by mature enough high school boys along with their dads or mentors.

Fred collaborated with his son Jasen and Mike Yorkey to specifically address single men, as he provided practical principles for maintaining sexual purity, and a God centered romance.

He took examples from the Old Testament as he compared and contrasted Baal worship and idolatry from Israel's history to the way the modern world is obsessed with sexual promiscuity.

"Hero" is a book which can help single men and all men win the battle over the pressure of sexual temptation while becoming men of honor and a hero to the women who are looking for men of faith who keep their commitment to a life of personal holiness.

I also found it interesting that Jasen's wife, Rose, adds some thoughts from a woman's point of view. I would highly recommend this book, albeit, read it as father - son; or it could even be accomplished in a small group setting.

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