Friday, June 19, 2009

The Disappearance of God

Reading "The Disappearance of God" was an enlightening book as Mohler attempts to look at exactly what the subtitle states, "Dangerous beliefs in the new spiritual openness." Whether Christians like it or not there has been a movement in the works for the past 20 or so years in evangelical Christianity which is very alarming.

Mohler's thesis is to look at the different views and theologies which are abounding in conservative and liberal Christianity. At times the book lacks a solid flow, which I believe is the result of trying to include so many different topics. It is not too difficult to read, although he assumes the reader has some prior knowledge of different movements within Christianity.

The title of the book does not come from the fact that the world believes God has disappeared, rather the God of the Bible has disappeared, or in my words, has become irrelevant. We live in a spiritual age, however, the spiritualists of the day are not leading people to the Word of God, but to some unknown and nonexistent God, and it is occurring within Christianity.

He discusses issues of Christian orthodoxy, hell, church discipline, nature, preaching, sin, the emerging church movement, and what is called the post Christian age.

Overall, it is a good book, worthy of reading if you are interested in what is happening in the conservative theological world and what it means for you.

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