Monday, September 07, 2009

Long Week

Well, somehow the first draft of this blog was deleted by the computer, ugh! It was a long week for us regarding 6th grade football in Alexandria. I was the 6th grade coach and as of last Monday we only had 13 boys, which was not enough to field a team safely, so Debbie and I decided it was in Joshua's best interests to go to Frankton, where two other boys had gone (because of numbers).

As a result, Joshua was called 'quitter,' among other things. Not a fun week for Joshua as he took abuse he should not have had to deal with. That is 11 year old mentality. Amazingly, they still have a team since 5 new kids of migrant workers came out for football and there is a new coach. My greatest concern was for the safety of all of the boys and keeping a team in Alexandria, yet in the end, I felt 13 boys would not suffice for safety reasons, Joshua included.

Joshua is now playing football in Frankton and enjoys the kids on the team. They have 17 boys, a good number to have. I help coach the offense, and everyone seems to be very nice to us. It was a long week with lots of 11 year old football drama. So, there's a short version of a long story and week. Hopefully the football season will be smoother than this.

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