Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Global War on Christians

I'm not really certain why I requested this book to review.  Reading previews was rather disconcerting, and maybe that's why I wanted to read this book.  In our part of the world, as scary as some things may be, we really have no threat of physical persecution.

In this book, The Global WAR on Christians: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Anti-Christian Persecutions, John Allen Jr. brings this unknown world to reality in ways I had not heard.  Is this propaganda?  I don't believe so.  Yet, we move along remaining ignorant (not always our choice) because this is so under reported by the media.

Yet, interestingly, Newsweek Magazine found it important to release an issue in February 2012, which featured a cover story by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  Ali has a storied past, and is from Somalia and considers herself an atheist.  Yet the cover of Newsweek in this issue is below. 
It's a poignant reminder of the war which is being waged against Christians outside of the United States. What bothered me is the fact that this is well known, but so little is seemingly being done to help the innocent victims, many who are being tortured and left to live in disgusting conditions.

I can list many, many atrocities being committed against Christians, some because they are preaching Christ, some because they are simply Christian and they are not following the state mandated governments.  Each chapter is separated by region of the country, as Allen gives numerous examples of crimes being committed about Christ followers.

As you read this book, you will also learn that in many of the countries where these crimes are being committed, the authorities of the country's in which these are occurring have turned a blind eye to the crimes.

John Allen offers thoughts about "what can be done."  Yet, it seems so miniscule.  He does recognize that, but adds, 'we have to start with small steps' which ultimately grow into something big.  He recommends starting with prayer, donations in a micro fashion, getting involved and learning more so we can speak about the atrocities, speak out about what is happening, think globally about the church.

Overall, this was not a fun book to read, but I am so glad I read the book, so I can gain a better awareness of how followers of Jesus Christ are being treated.  We spend way too much time in our country bickering about right and left; when people are being killed, as Allen states at the rate of 10 Christians per hour every hour of the day, every day!

I received this book for free from Random Books, in exchange for an impartial and honest review.

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