Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bible Prophecy made real

After becoming a Christian, I read Hal Lindsay’s book, “The Late Great Planet Earth.”  It was my introduction to Bible prophecy.  I have always been intrigued by Bible prophecy but have stayed somewhat removed from it, because it can be so polarizing.  Yet, after reading this book, “The Holy Land Key” by Ray Bentley, I am intrigued once again.

Bentley approaches prophecy from a very personal, real and relevant standpoint.  He has spent many years exploring Israel from within.  He has traveled to Israel, has met people and talked to people who have helped him better understand the scriptures and their relationship to the nation of Israel and the lives of people who are directly impacted by the events in this holy land.

He takes a direct look at the difficult questions and issues that divide the world when it comes to the future of Israel.  Being raised Jewish I appreciated his love and care for the people of Israel.  I also benefitted from his discussion on the Seven feasts and their relationship to Israel and Christ.

This is an engaging book and will force the reader to open their eyes to what Bentley has written.  I believe you need to approach this book with an open mind, not closed minded and you will greatly benefit from his words.  This is not an easy and quick book to read.  Read it slowly and digest the words Bentley offers about the Israelites and Palestinians.

You can listen to pastor Ray ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1E0zBCojHc

I received this book for free through the "Multnomah Publishing - Blogging for Books” reading program.

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