Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Discovering Who You Are!

I was not sure what to expect from this book.  I was surprised as I enjoyed and was moved as I read PROTOTYPE by Jonathon Martin.  The book is filled with theological truth, yet written in a conversational manner which made the book feel more personal, like it was written for me, and a conversation, albeit, a one way conversation was underway.

The book is broken into 9 chapters ~ 
  • identity
  • beloved
  • obscurity
  • calling
  • wounds
  • resurrection
  • sacraments
  • community
  • witness
The basic point of the book is one we seem to miss way too often.  God's loves us.  We are His children.  We are His beloved.  There are discussion questions in the back of the book to help the reader or group move through the book.

There is also a DVD series which would help facilitate a small group who meets and reads the book.  
Overall, this was a very good book, which caused me and should cause others to examine who they are in Christ.  

His question early in the book is a haunting question for most people, "Who are you?"  Not, where are you from, or what do you do, etc. but, "Who are you?"  For many that's the big question. 

I received this book from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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