Saturday, August 16, 2014

Powerful Story to Faith

In her book, Good God, Lousy World, and Me: The Improbable Journey of a Human Rights Activist from Unbelief to Faith, Holly Burkhalter gives a very open and honest autobiographical account of her journey to faith.

As the title suggests, this is in Holly’s opinion, an improbable journey from someone who was borderline agnostic / atheist to someone who found faith.  Working in the world of human rights in many countries, Ms. Burkhalter witnessed so many atrocities to humans.  It became difficult for her to believe there was a God, let alone a good God, who would allow all of this to occur to God’s creation. 

It was not a one time crusade where Holly got it.  It was watching and witnessing people at work who were followers of Christ.  She saw them in action, helping people who were hurting and yet at the same time extolling the goodness of God.  This led to the changes in her personal life and ultimately faith in the living God. 

While Holly does not have all of the answers, in raw honesty, she leads us on her journey, an improbable one.  A journey with so many lows, yet she discovered faith in Jesus.  This is a powerful story about one woman’s journey to faith in Jesus, in spite of the tragedies she experienced. 

This book is worth the reading!

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Blogging for Books for the purpose of reviewing.  All opinions are mine. 

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