Friday, September 26, 2014

Colliding with Destiny: Finding Hope in Ruth

Colliding with Destiny: Finding Hope in the Legacy of Ruth by Sarah Jakes is a book which uses the book of Ruth as a means of looking at our lives.  Sarah Jakes is the daughter of the famous and popular pastor in the Dallas area, T.D. Jakes.  She is very open and transparent in this book as she discusses some of her hardships in life; a teenage pregnancy, marriage to an unfaithful football player that ended in divorce, being gossiped about because her parents were high-profile ministers, and her own struggles with her weight, depression and keep spending under control.  Many of these are issues most people have to deal with in life.

The book is also about not letting our past, our struggles, failures and poor self image defeat us and impact our future. Each chapter is short, maybe 3-5 pages and contains thoughts for reflection, about 5 questions, then Jakes offers a prayer at the end of the chapter.

This was an encouraging book.  This was not a book about lamenting her past, but a book about overcoming her struggles as she identifies with some of the struggles Ruth had to endure on her journey.  As part of the journey through this book, you will also gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the book of Ruth. 

I would recommend this book for those who are struggling through various issues in life.

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House in order to give an unbiased review of this book.

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