Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Bible Reading! Are you?!

This week I will be talking about Bible Study in our worship.  It's week 13 of Believe.  A couple of thoughts about Bible Reading. 

  1.  It can be intimidating! 
  2.  Don't let that stop you!
  3.  Read it regularly!
  4.  Don't give yourself excuses!
  5.  Ask questions!
  6.  Find a version of the Bible which works for  you!
  7.   Be excited about what you are learning from God!
  8.  Read the Bible as if you were reading a novel!  Read with emotion!
  9.  Take notes or write in the margin of the Bible.  Lightening bolts won't strike you because you write in your Bible!
  10.  Talk about the Bible with friends who are willing to listen to what you are learning!
  11.  Don't be arrogant about what you know or think you know and someone else doesn't know!
  12.  Choose how you want to read the Bible . . . For deep understanding (go slowly) or for an overall sense of the book (reading quickly).
  13.  If you get stuck, it's okay, we all do at times!  Again ask questions!
Your Bible is calling out to you . . . will you read it, or allow it to remain filled with dust?

More to come later . . . 

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