Monday, October 24, 2016

Answering the Tough Questions

Often times we have questions about God and / or about the Bible which go unanswered.  Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz seek to answer some of those questions in their book, Answering the Toughest Questions about God and the Bible.  The book was written, in part due to an ex-evangelical leaving the faith because of unanswered questions.

As a result, they surveyed many young Christians and asked what their questions were, and some of those questions were used as the basis for this book.  Each chapter could have been a book in itself, which in some respects is part of my frustration with this book.  I would have liked more of an answer to many of the questions.  I wanted more from the authors.

Yet, this was a good book, it was easy to read, touched on many points and had multiple sections within each chapter about points to reflect on. 

Chapters titles include ~
  1. Is God real? How can you know?
  2. Why did God create us?
  3. Why Doesn't God make Himself more Obvious?
  4. Can I trust what the Bible says about God?
  5. Why is the Bible so hard to understand?
  6. Why does God seem so violent While Jesus is so loving?
  7. Is Jesus God?
  8. Why do Christians say Jesus is the only way to God?
  9. How do God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit relate to one another?
  10. Does God really care about me and my life?
Overall, this is a good resource and a good book to hold onto for questions about God and the Bible.

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for an open and honest review.

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