Monday, December 19, 2016

Powerful Book about CTE

I read with interest the book, After the Cheering Stops, by Cyndy Feasel.  I love football, I coach football, and I have a son who plays high school football.  This was definitely a very powerful, at times, very scary book about the nature of football and the brutality of football.  We all know it is a violent sport, but the devastation and toll to some, is frightening.

 Cyndy wrote this book about life with her husband, Grant Feasel.  He was a former NFL football player who played center with various teams.  He had a long and successful career, but after he retired, he made many poor decisions due to an incurable, unforgiving and vicious disease, CTE - -  chronic traumatic encephalopothy.  The sad thing about this disease as it related to Grant, is that he never knew it.

This disease impacted his decision making, his mood, his activity with his family and ultimately it led to his death.  He died due to liver failure at the age of 52, which was the result of alcoholism.  Ultimately, it is believed the alcoholism and more were the results of his CTE.

This is also a book about faith and hope.  As Cyndy and Grant were / are Christians.  Overall, this is a very descriptive book about the life of Grant Feasel.  It's well written and if you appreciate football, and understand the violent nature of the game, you may enjoy this book.

I received this book from in exchange for an honest review.

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