Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Power of Prayer

In his book, Make Your Voice Heard in heaven: How to Pray with Power, former Senate Chaplain, Barry Black has written a very succinct and powerful book on prayer.  This book arose from his powerful keynote message at the 2017 National Prayer Breakfast, which led to many cheers and a standing ovation.

He explains that in order to make ourselves heard in a way that really changes things, we must start by calling upon God ― the one who holds the ultimate power.

As followers of Jesus, we need to realize that when we come together to pray, we invite the very real presence of Almighty God into our midst.  When our prayers are heard in heaven, our need for guidance, strength, healing, mercy, grace, and wisdom will be met by a holy God.

In this book, Chaplain Black shows how to pray prayers that God will hear and that release God’s power and blessing in our lives.  There are 15 chapters outlining in very practical terms ways we are to pray.

Chaplain Black shows us through the use of Scripture, personal stories, and practical insights, how our prayers can
  • unleash God’s power
  • increase your partnership with God’s will
  • deepen your intimacy with God
  • strengthen your desire to live a God-pleasing life
  • help you avoid missing God’s blessings . . . and more
This is an easy to read, yet a slowly read book because of all the deep insight Chaplain Black brings into our lives.

I received this book from Tyndale Press in exchange for an honest review.

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