Sunday, March 04, 2018

God's Light in You - for children

This is the second Matthew Paul Turner book I have reviewed.  Both are excellent.  A couple of years ago, I reviewed, When God Made You, now he has written this book, When God Made Light.  It is an excellent book.

The book is filled with great imagination and lots of rhyming throughout the book.  The book is about God's creation of light and how we are part of that creation.  

The book is wonderful to read to a child or a group of children.  The pages are filled with great pictures filled with imagination.  The illustrations are powerful and bold, which adds to the story.

This book is filled with encouragement and hope.  It will be one a child will want read to them over and over.  Light radiates through the darkness, chasing away the shadows.  The deeper message is that light flows through each child, which will be used to change the world!!

I recommend this book.

I received this book from bloggingforbooks in exchange for an honest review.

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