Friday, March 23, 2018

The Light of God is Revealed

This book by Sarah Van Diest, God in the Dark: 31 Devotions to Let the Light Back In is definitely an excellent devotional.  This devotional is not just to be read during the Lenten season, but can be helpful for anyone who is going through difficult times.

The Apostle Paul reminds us in 2 Corinthians 1 that we have been helped by God and in turn we are to help others when they are going through difficult times.  This is the message of this devotional.

Sarah Van Diest has taken the lessons she’s learned in the dark moments of her life, shares about the God she discovered there, and then highlights precious promises from His Word that provide hope.  God in the Dark is for anyone who needs a reminder that God is always with us . . . even in the dark times.

This book helps the reader to understand where God is in the midst of our despair.  This book will help you to navigate the stormy waters as you travel through the tough times of life.  I would highly recommend this book.  It is short, and each day's devotional is only a couple of pages.  This book is based on Psalm 119.

I received this book from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for an honest review.

NKJV Bible!!

I was very pleased to receive this Bible, NKJV, Deluxe Reader's Bible.  If you like to read the Bible in a book form, then this is the Bible for you.  See the second picture below for a look at what the inside of the Bible looks like.  I prefer the NKJV and found the Bible to be very easy to read in it's present form.  The black print jumps off the very white pages, making this Bible very easy to read.

Perfect for both devotional and extended reading, the beautifully designed NKJV Deluxe Reader’s Bible features the exceptionally readable Thomas Nelson NKJV Typeface in an elegant single-column format. Premium, high-contrast paper, classically sewn lay-flat bindings, and an innovative approach to chapter and verse markers combine to create a distraction-free reading experience you’ll want to return to again and again.
Features include:
  • The New King James Version, known for its literary beauty and trustworthy accuracy
  • Single-column layout, designed for optimal readability
  • Beautiful Thomas Nelson NKJV Typeface
  • Two satin ribbon markers
  • Classic slipcase for protection and display

There are no introduction pages in the Bible, nor is there a concordance or maps.  If you are looking for a Bible with these, then you would need to find something different.  But if you are looking for a very readable Bible, this is an excellent choice.

I received this Bible from booklookbloggers in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Prayers to Pray!

In the book, Prayers for Every Occasion, Ellen Banks Elwell, has written a very handy and beneficial book for prayer.  At times, we want to pray and the words just don’t come out, and this small reference / guide / prayer book is very helpful in those situations. 

The book is divided into 4 parts ~

Part 1 - - Prayers for Specific Occasions.  This is about 100 pages of special prayers we can pray.  The section is written with alphabetical titles, going from A to Z.  There are prayers for anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms, bridal showers, deaths, for grandchildren, as well as grandparents and so many more.

Part 2 - - Prayers from the Bible.  This section contains prayers which are directly from the Bible.  The Bible is filled with prayers from many people and this is often a helpful source of comfort.

Part 3 - - Prayers from the Hymns.  These are words from many of the old hymns which bring comfort and strength to God’s people.

Part 4 - - Prayers Across the Ages.  These are prayers from many of the saints of old.  Words which bring us encouragement. 

Finally there is an index of prayers to help the reader not have to search all over the book.

The book is filled with words of comfort and strength.  It has a hardcover, which is also soft and inviting.  Overall, I would recommend this book.

I received this book from Tyndale Press in exchange for an honest review.

Essential Reading!!

I recently received this book and was not sure if I would like it or not.  But it is an excellent how to book regarding essential oils.  The book is extremely practical.  I have not read other books, so I can’t compare it, but this book is comprehensive, easy to read and easy to understand (which is important for the novice). 

His directions are easy to follow.  There is an investment involved to get the materials and oils needed, but I can see the benefits.  There are 3 parts to this book - -
Part 1: Essential Oils Revolution
Part 2: Dr. Z’s Recommended Oils for Nearly Every Occasion
Part 3: Women’s Health

I do wish there was a part 4 regarding men’s health.  Maybe that will be in a future book.  I also appreciate that he attempts to cover all the details in the book to make a recipe.  It can be a little intimidating making something you are not sure of, but Zielinski covers those well.

Overall, this is an excellent book and highly recommended.

I received this book from blogging for books in exchange for an honest review.

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Sunday, March 04, 2018

God's Light in You - for children

This is the second Matthew Paul Turner book I have reviewed.  Both are excellent.  A couple of years ago, I reviewed, When God Made You, now he has written this book, When God Made Light.  It is an excellent book.

The book is filled with great imagination and lots of rhyming throughout the book.  The book is about God's creation of light and how we are part of that creation.  

The book is wonderful to read to a child or a group of children.  The pages are filled with great pictures filled with imagination.  The illustrations are powerful and bold, which adds to the story.

This book is filled with encouragement and hope.  It will be one a child will want read to them over and over.  Light radiates through the darkness, chasing away the shadows.  The deeper message is that light flows through each child, which will be used to change the world!!

I recommend this book.

I received this book from bloggingforbooks in exchange for an honest review.

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Calm your Cares!!

I am a huge fan of pastor and author, Max Lucado.  In his book, Trade Your Cares for Calm, he has written another wonderful book.  This book is really more of an inspirational / devotional book.  There are few people who don't feel anxious and overwhelmed at times in life, and this book seeks to quell the cares of burdens of this world so that we would experience calmness through God.

This book is very sturdy and the pages are strong and rugged, they are glossy.  The book has a sense of strength and power when you hold it because of its weight.  Yet, the book is basically a square 6" x 6" book.

There are 10 chapters focusing on helping the reader reduce their cares in place of God's clam.

The focus of the book is found in the word CALM.  For Lucado it is found in Philippians 4:6-8.  CALM is an acronym meaning ~

  • C - Celebrate God's Goodness “Rejoice in the Lord always” (Verse 4)
  • A - Ask God For Help “Let your requests be made known to God” (Verse 6)
  • L - Leave your Concerns with Him “With thanksgiving . . . “ (Verse 6)
  • M - Meditate on good things “Think about the things that are good and worthy of praise” (Verse 8)

This is the method Lucado uses to help the reader.  The book has many practical tips to help the reader calm their fears and anxieties.  This book would look very nice on someone's coffee table and would make for a very nice present. 

I highly recommend this book.

I received this book from the booklookblogger in exchange for an honest review.

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