Monday, November 03, 2008

Election - The End (I think)

Some final thoughts about tomorrow and some of what I have heard from Christians . . .

It seems that many, many Christians have taken their eyes off of Jesus as their Savior and put them on either McCain or Obama as their Savior. Obama nor McCain will save us from anything, only Jesus can do that. One president cannot change hearts, that is a God thing, and only God can change our hearts, spirits and minds. We need personal transformation! And I am talking about the Christians. This is how totally bizzare this stuff gets.

As Christians, should we have a political opinion? ABSOLUTELY! Should we vote? ABSOLUTELY! A Christian who doesn’t vote is completely missing an opportunity that God has blessed us with as citizens of this country.

BUT…we can’t actually think that the salvation process is tied to who happens to be in the White House!

Think about this . . . in the Gospels the Jews missed the fact that Jesus was the Messiah because they were looking for someone to deliver them from the politics of Rome. They felt oppressed and wanted someone to deliver them from the heavy hand of the Roman government.

Let me say it more clearly–they missed Jesus because of politics!!! (And religion as well…but that’s another post!)

For a Christian to claim that the world is going to be doomed to hell because a particular party happens to “control” the White House is a slap in the face of a Sovereign God.

He reigns! Read through Scripture. It is very, very clear that God can and will do whatever He believes needs to be done in order to bring about he culmination of His plan. God has used kings, queens, enemies, even donkeys to do His will, even when they were against God. God does this for His glory. . . not ours!

Tomorrow go to the polling station, wherever that might be, wait in line if need be, but go and vote!

Who should you vote for? Here's a simple idea, pray and ask Jesus to enlighten your heart, spirit and mind. Ask Christ to give you the wisdom you need to make the best decision you can with all of the information you know, but the main information is what you receive from God.

Whoever gets elected, whether it is your man or not, pray for that man daily. Even if your guy wins, pray for him daily.

One final thought, hold this one above al others, GOD REIGNS! He always has, always will!

Now go vote!

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