Thursday, January 29, 2009

A doll

Folks I read about a doll made by Fisher Price which is spewing some very interesting verbage, and according to Fisher Price there is nothing wrong with the doll.

Check out these links, especially the bottom two of the videos which are shorter and tell you more about the dolls. Don't think we are in a spiritual war . . . guess again!!

click on this link or paste it in your browser and check it out.

Very scary in my opinion.

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  1. Hi Michael
    I thought the pastor sure was good looking, cept he needs a well trimmed beard:-)>
    I also heard that we had these at Big lots in Anderson, but they weren't there when I looked.
    My guess is that this is a horrible marketing blunder. It makes sense to send dolls like this to Muslim children that speak English. Wonder how many of those there are?


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