Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Reading List

I thought I would write down what books I am reading to give you a clue, if that is possible about what I am into . . .

Don't Let Me Go
is one that I am reviewing and is about a father and daughter as they attempt to grow closer by taking various adventures together. A fun book thus far which is giving me ideas about spending more time with my boys. This is written by David Pierce, the husband of Christian comedian Chonda Pierce.

The Greatest Man who Ever Lived by Steven Scott is a new one for me to review. I've just started it and the premise of the book is from the subtitle, "Secrets for unparalleled success and unshakable happiness form the life of Jesus." The reader will learn through looking at the life of Jesus how to live a life which brings fulfillment through using the life skills and principles Jesus used.

Unfreezing Moves is by one of my favorite authors on church leadership, and in fact I pay an annual subscription just to learn form him. Bill Easum is writing about how to 'unfreeze' churches as we seek to follow Jesus into the mission field. It is a theoretical book, but he has a fair amount of practical ideas and thoughts about leading a church to fulfill the mission set before her by God.

Systematic Theology scares more people, especially when they see a book which is almost 1,300 pages long (1,291 to be exact). Most people think reading a theology book is going to be so over their heads that they won't understand the first pages. This can be true, and I've read some of those, never again. This theology by reformed theologian Wayne Grudem is readable and understandable, and in fact I am hoping to blog a little more about what I am reading in this book. I am presently on page 183, hoping to finish the book in the next 2 months. (That's only 20 pages per day).

Baptism by Fire by Mark Updegrove is the newest book I am reading. It just came out and chronicles the presidencies of 8 presidents who took over during times of crises in the United States. The book discusses their character and leadership principles. I thought this may be a good book to learn from as I seek to grow in character and leadership. I just started reading about George Washington, and he based much of his presidency upon his faith in Christ.

That's it for now, besides my daily Bible reading, which always comes first! Any good books you are reading, pass the titles on to me.

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