Monday, March 23, 2009

Plants have rights

Now, I'm not out to start an issue, but this caught my attention. Read below . . .

"Whatever happened to human exceptionalism? -- the idea rooted in the Judeo-Christian value system that places humanity at the moral pinnacle of all creation; that because human beings are created in God's image they therefore have moral worth greater than that of any animal, plant, or mineral?

Well, it's being replaced by a new value system that places the natural world over man. Think I'm making this up?

The Swiss (Switzerland) have now written into their constitution the principle that plants have intrinsic dignity. They cite the instance of a farmer who needlessly "decapitates" a wildflower with a scythe on his way home as committing a terrible moral wrong--yes, they use the word "decapitate.""

Now that is strange!! I never knew plants had rights. Of course we should not just kill a plant for the fun of it, but I wonder what would happen if a human got to close to a gigantic Venus Fly Trap plant?! Hmm or is it mmmh?!

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