Monday, July 06, 2009

The 10 Commandments reversed

After preaching for about the 10 Commandments, I ended the message yesterday with these words, and I was asked to repeat them for everyone . . . so here you go,

"As we’ve studied the 10 Commandments, I believe we can turn these commandments into positives, so that we can see not just what sins we should avoid, but what positive qualities God wants us to develop.

1. Instead of worshiping false gods, we worship the only God.
2. Instead of worshiping idols, we worship the Risen Christ.
3. Instead of misusing the name of God, we learn the names of God and praise Him.
4. Instead of ignoring the Sabbath, we find rest in God.
5. Instead of dishonoring our parents, we honor and respect them.
6. Instead of murder, we cherish life.
7. Instead of adultery, we cultivate faithfulness.
8. Instead of stealing, we become a blessing to others.
9. Instead of false testimony, we seek and speak the truth.
10. Instead of coveting, we learn contentment. "

I hope you find these a blessing in your life.

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