Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Priciple of the Path by Andy Stanley

It seems obvious to us, yet our vision becomes so blurred by the very road we are on. Andy Stanley is a great oral communicator, as well as through the written media. The premise of Stanley's book, "The Principle of the Path" can be summarized in this statement from his book,
  • “Every path leads somewhere…and the road I’m on always determines where I end up. Direction—not intention—determines our destination.”
This is the very point of this book. It's not earth shaking material, in fact, it is pretty basic, yet we seem to have forgotten this principle that Andy has stated.

As Stanley explains, we often have great intentions, but it is not our intentions which determine our destination, it is the direction we are heading which determines our outcomes. If you want to pray, that's great, but just having the intention will not get you there. This is a powerful book for those who are seeking direction in their lives.

At times we wonder why our hopes, aspirations and goals have not been realized, and Stanley very simply would point us to look at the path we have taken, and that of course determines our destination, whether you like it or not.

Stanley uses biblical images, especially the wisdom contained in Proverbs to help draw illustrations, as well as real life applications to help the reader.

You will not be sorry if you read this book. This book has potential to transform a person's direction if you are willing to open yourself to follow God's path in your life.

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