Sunday, August 02, 2009

Blue Like Play Dough

Sometimes I wonder why books are designated as books for moms. Sometimes dad's need books like this one as much as moms. Maybe one of the downfalls of this book is the fact that Tricia Goyer makes the assumption that dads don't fill the role of moms, or that dads just don't have the same issues as moms.

I really found this book to be a delightful and at times moving collection of mini devotions which helped me to better find my bearings as I navigate fatherhood. Maybe because it is just me and on child for the weekend, the book took on extra meaning.

Anyway, here is a snippet from the foreword, Goyer states,
"I'm coming to realize that another important adventure begins for women (and men) when we choose to have a Play Dough Heart in a Lego World! Something wonderful happens when we choose to surrender our ideas of how things must be and instead allow God to shape us. Then the Holy Spirit can take our willingness and make something infinitely more beautiful than all our carefully constructed plans could have ever accomplished."
Goyer breaks the book into 23 chapters, averaging about 8 pages each. It's easy reading, and good for the heart, probably for women, since the book is designed for women out of her life experience.

I would recommend this book for moms who are feeling the stress of raising children and working. There's wonderful humor and inspiration in these pages.

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