Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Captivating, But . . .

The premise for this book, I HUNT KILLERS, is eerie, but can be fascinating if you're into delving into the minds of authors and characters in books.  The premise for this book was a boy's father is a famous serial killer who has been captured and is in prison.  The book follows a period in the life of the son as he attempts to figure out who he is supposed to be.
I felt the author, Barry Lyga, did an excellent job developing the main characters, the son, Jazz and his friend Howie.  The book takes a number of twists and turns and we seem to be waiting for Jazz to explode and be more like his father, yet he reminds himself over and over again that "people matter."  This helps him overcome the demons which are raging within him.

I felt at times there were gruesome details added for effect and actually took away from the book.  I could have done with less gore for effect and more into the minds of the characters.  

In addition, from what I have read, this book is recommended for YA readers.  I do not believe this is appropriate for teens to read.  This is not a book for under high school, and even then I believe this book should be an adult book, not for teens.

I received this book through, and the publisher "Little, Brown Books for Young Readers."

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