Wednesday, July 09, 2014

YES! Be Rebellious!

In her book, Be Rebellious: Fight Back Against a Culture that Doesn’t Care About You, Megan Clinton has written an outstanding book for young women.  I have told numerous parents about this book and the need for parents with girls to read this.  Megan Clinton is right on with her appraisal of the worlds expectations for girls. 

As a result, we don’t become the very people God created us to be.  As a father of two boys I was intrigued and wanted to read this book, as my sons have many friends who are girls.  I see the struggles and the way they are seduced by society to be who they are not.  They have bought into the lies that you have to have certain looks, clothes, shoes, be revealing, speak a certain way to be “liked.” 

Megan’s call is for this generation of young women to Be Rebellious.  They should not buy into the cultural expectations.  She gives many examples, some personal, some from friends and acquaintances to help the reader understand her points. 

She also makes the book practical and understandable.  It’s not about beating you up over your mistakes, but in becoming the woman God called you to be.  This is not a book which beats up the reader.  This is an encouraging read.  It’s one I would recommend for every parent of a prepubescent girl to read and even for churches who want to minister to this age in youth groups!

You can read more about Be Rebellious through their own website, HERE

I received this book for free through and Worthy Publishing in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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