Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fascinating History of Baghdad

This was a fascinating book.  Justin Marozzi’s book, Baghdad: City of Peace, City of Blood, is about the city of Baghdad, looking at it from a historical view to the present day.  If you don’t like history, the book will be a struggle, since the book is filled with a great deal of historical accounts.  I enjoy history and appreciated gaining a greater understanding of Baghdad. 

Reading this helped me to better understand more about the people of Baghdad and their civilization.  I also gained a better appreciated for the differences between the Sunni’s and Shia’s.  The book details the brutality of fighting within the land and the peace which was also found in the same land. 

Marozzi leads back to the modern era, discussing themes and images which we have a better grasp of today.  Baghdad seemed to be a place filled with great diversity and a place filled with a great deal of culture.  I appreciated reading this book.  Again, it starts slow, and you need to be interested in history and Middle Eastern history, that is, Baghdad.

I received a digital copy of this book through Net Galley, in exchange for an honest review of this book.

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