Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Excellent Choice ~ New Spirit Filled Life Bible

I jumped at the chance to review this Bible, the New Spirit-Filled Life Bible, because I had thought about buying it about 10 years ago.  I appreciate the ministry of Jack Hayford and he is the Executive Editor.  So, it was a great opportunity to review this Bible.  While I prefer the ESV, the NIV is a Bible I still refer to so this was a good opportunity to review the Bible and see what makes this edition unique.

The NIV is not a literal translation and is called a ‘dynamic equivalence.’  This means the authors are not as worried with the literal translation as they are with the reader understanding what the Bible states.  As a Study Bible, there are notes on the bottom of every page explaining some of the more difficult passages, as well as highlighting words which help the passage come more alive. 

What makes this Bible unique is the fact that they have added the following sections ~

Word Wealth
Kingdom Dynamics
Truth in Action

Each are explained more fully immediately prior to the first book of the Bible, Genesis. 

Kingdom Dynamics are the sections that are probably what most makes this Bible unique, because they are study notes from a large number of speakers and authors, and helps the reader better see and understand how the Holy Spirit is leading in specific areas.  There are 41 of these.  They are easy to spot, as there is a box with the words in bold.

Word Wealth explains more than 550 important words and terms.  These words are listed alphabetically, including their Greek or Hebrew transliteration and scripture reference.  Then on the page where the word is referenced, there is a box with a further explanation of the word, along with a reference to Strong’s Concordance. 

Truth in Action sections are charts at the end of each book of the Bible.  The purpose is to show how the Holy Spirit can impact your life.  What is very helpful is that this section is practical.  The left side shows ‘truth’, while the right side of the chart shows ‘action,’ that is what we are to do on a more practical basis.  That’s a great help.

There is also a very nice introduction before each book of the Bible.  There is a limited concordance in the book of the Bible, as well as some selected color maps.

Overall, this is a very good Bible.  It is excellent for studying and going deeper in becoming the person God is calling you to become.

I was provided with a free copy of this Bible through Booklook.  All opinions are my own.

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