Friday, May 09, 2014

Gritty Futuristic Novel

I am not sure what I was expecting from this novel by Adam Sternbergh.  In Shovel Ready, he gives us a glimpse into a futuristic New York City, which has been decimated by terrorist bombs and a future in which people enter a new reality through injections and find themselves in a new world.

The story revolves around a man called Mr. Spademan, a garbage man -- turned hit man.  A man with no conscience, well, he does have one.  He will not kill a minor or anyone who is pregnant.  Thus, we enter into the drama as he is asked to kill the daughter of an evangelist, who may be the father.

It's written in a bare bones method, that takes awhile getting used to reading.  But I liked the style, it made the book move at a faster pace.  I'm still not sure of how I felt about the book, other than to say, I was grabbed into it very quickly, which I really, really like in a book.  Although, I felt the book ended abruptly, but I see he is writing a second Spademan book, which may be the reason.

The biggest negative for me was the language, and it was only one word, but it was repeated more times than I felt necessary, it was the f-word.  Count me prudish, but I didn't need it.  It didn't impress me or make the villains more like villains.

Otherwise, I was captured by the book.  It was a quick and easy read, not for the faint of heart.

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