Sunday, October 14, 2007

On Being Installed

What a great day!! Worship was great, having friends from Dearborn making the journey to Alexandria was so moving for me. For Nina, my friend 13 days younger than me (she'll appreciate that one) to come while struggling with the impact of chemotherapy is so humbling to recognize the differences we can make in one anothers lives. On a side note, I performed Nina's moms funeral. It was the best send off ever. Nina is 100% Mexican and her mom's casket was brought into the sanctuary with 4 mariachi singers serenading the casket. Then they sang on the way out, so amazing. It was hard to speak after that.

Anyway! I must say I am so blessed to have this church in my life. As Dr. Mason said today, you need to allow me to be me; and I really sense that you are doing that. It may not always be easy to do, but there has been wonderful grace extended to me by FBC-Alexandria.

Tonight will be an early to bed night. It's a long week of meetings ahead, Deacons today, Trustees tomorrow, CE Tuesday, Business meeting Wednesday.

Pray for me, and if you have not had your family picture taken, please do so. I have about 90 families and want as many as possible.

Finally, remember Wednesday night we'll be eating pizza at Chicago Pizza around 5:30. Kids are free on Wednesday's between 5-8, so let's hang out and eat together. Like I can eat anything else after today's pitch-in. Amazing food!! My friends wanted a cookbook, they liked the food so much.

Have a great week, and keep Jesus in front of you and visible to the world!!


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