Monday, December 31, 2007

Sunday Reflections

Not an easy day! But a wonderful day!! I have only known Ernie for 6 months, but we share so many thoughts, ideas and dreams for worship and the church. It was difficult to say good-bye to him as the Music Minister. One of the great things about Ernie is the fact that he understands music and the need for the church to stay relevant and have a mix of the old with the new. Not many people will work to make that happen after 48 years of ministry. Another thing about Ernie is that he was never stuck in a certain time period of music. He has his favorite music, but knows and this is one of the great points about Ernie, he knows worship is about God, not his liks and dislikes.

I look forward to January 20 and a time to fully honor Ernie in a relaxed setting.

Worship was fun and Becky did a great job filling in for Marilyn, who by the way is now home from the hospital.

Since we were talking about duct tape, I wonder what you have used duct tape for, and what about those resolutions, don't make duct tape ones, make ones which are focused on God.

I said I would tell you my 2008 goals - - they are usually pretty basic
  1. Grow closer to Christ . . . and experience more of His presence.
  2. Get in better shape (I got a punching bag for Christmas . . . can you picture me running up the steps of city hall in Alec? But no raw eggs)
  3. Walk more, exercise more, drink more (H2O), eat less
  4. Finish my doctorate!!!
  5. Hang out more with the kids and Debbie (although hard to do when trying to accomplish #3)
  6. There are always more items, but those are probably the top 5.

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