Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend Reflections

Hey All -

Some closing thoughts after a long day, preparing for worship, worshiping, preparing for the evening worship, and watching the Colts game. The only good thing was Dallas lost, sorry Damon and Jessica S.

Otherwise, some thoughts ~
  1. Thanks to Eric P. for taking on the power point production and singing. Good work!!
  2. Thanks also to Kevin T. for leading the worship.
  3. I appreciated Lynn J.'s talk about the literacy. She did good.
  4. Thanks to Kenny and Jeanie for sponsoring Angel, pronounced An-hel.
  5. Thanks to many who are participating in the Spiritual Discipline classes and turned in their survey forms. There is lots of good information people have written. That is so cool!!!
  6. I am looking forward to see how we grow throughout this year.
  7. We had a very good Saturday leaders and committee members meeting. About 50 out of 60 people were there. That is great!!
  8. I really think the committees are doing lots of praying, thinking, talking and debating. That is great!! Because great ideas are coming. Passion is flowing and that will lead us and drive us through the year.
  9. Keep it up. Don't lose the passion and don't get stuck in the minutia of life, look at the big picture - - - - make a difference in someone's life in the name of Jesus!!!!!

Be a blessing!

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