Friday, January 15, 2010

The Male Factor Book Review

As I review this book, I need to start out by stating a disclaimer . . . this book was written for women in the workplace and I am a man (duh!).

As a result, I felt this book was interesting because it helped reinforce some of the difficulties men and women face when working alongside one another. Men and women view life from different lenses, which leads to miscommunication and potential conflict. My perspective from reading the book may be different simply because I see things as a man, while the book was targeted for women.

There were times when Shaunti surprised me with some of the differences between men and women at work. So, I see this as a valuable book for men and women. It helps both to better understand one another in the work place.

Among other topics she writes about

* how men, with rare exception, view almost any emotional display as a sign that the person can no longer think clearly (as well as what men perceive as emotion in the first place)
* why certain types of trendy attire may actually sabotage a woman’s career
* which little-known signals ensure that a man’s perception of a strong female colleague is positive (“assertive and competent”) instead of negative (“difficult”)
* specifics about giving a conclusion upfront
* more specifics about dress (appropriate and inappropriate)

Shaunti offered wonderful insight based on a great deal of research and experience. Many of the topics are good for both men and women to be aware of.

This book is helpful to men who don’t understand women and over generalize about them. Most men assume women think and react like they do and cannot understand why there are differences. Yet we are created different and unique. I also appreciated the Christian reminders at the end of the book which point the focus toward pleasing God rather than ourselves or others.

There was a great deal of research used to complete this book and at times that can be overwhelming to read, yet it is necessary to help Shaunti make her points. Overall, I think much of the information is very important and helpful.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

You can purchase the book at AMAZON.COM



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