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I have to admit, I read this book expecting it to be excellent; and I was not disappointed. John Eldredge is one of my favorite authors, and has a wonderful and powerful way of putting to words what is in many hearts. I have read his books and now would say I have a new number 1 John Eldredge book.

John and his wife, Stasi, write what is possibly one of the most open and honest Christian books about marriage. There is no subject which they don’t touch. There are no hidden agendas for John and Stasi. They are both more vulnerable than in any other book they have written individually.

As John writes, “A marriage that bears the signature of God's heart is an incredible gift, and it is worth fighting for.” Those are power-filled and truth-filled words. What God has brought together no person should be asunder; or better yet, what God brings together no person, even husband or wife, should desecrate and trash.

So, in their book, Love and War, John and Stasi walk the reader into the larger story that God has for us in marriage. As a pastor I appreciated some of the words John uses in wedding ceremonies which he performs. I was struck by his candor and wisdom. This is a book of hope which draws us to step out of the small stories and battles that often fill our lives, and into the realm of wanting more that God has for us in marriage.

John and Stasi don’t offer tips and techniques helping us to do the right thing, instead they offer transparency so that we would learn from their story. They desire for each spouse to experience the greater love story God offers them individually and as a couple; where we not only experience love from the Author of love, but become the givers of love as well.

This is a great book. I would encourage couples, older and younger; and even engaged couples to read this book. It is one I will pass out and recommend.

This was book was provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah.

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