Saturday, September 29, 2007

Busy! Busy! Busy!

It's been a busy and tiring past few days. The more I want to get out of church and more into the community, the more I find myself in church. My goal is to be out the doors of the church more than in the church. I want to know more people in the community, especially those who do not know Jesus, form relationships, then help lead them to Jesus and church or vice-versa.

This week shapes up to be busy already, between meetings, funerals and visitation, the week is already filling up. Remember me in prayer. And speaking about prayer, for the next couple of weeks, we are going to attempt to get as many pictures of people in the church that we can. I want the staff to be able to look at your beautiful picture and be able to pray specifically for you and your family. After worship on 9/30 and 10/7, we will have a group of folks taking pictures in the family life center. I am looking forward to praying specifically for our folks.

We are up to 100 people signed up for the Network study. That is AWESOME!!! That means over 30% of our average Sunday morning attendance has signed up. I am so excited about this class. I really believe it is going to open up some eyes and hearts of people in the church, and lead them to ministries they never thought possible and never thought God called them to.

All I can say is LOOKOUT Alexandria, we are ready to rock and roll for God. Okay, maybe you are ready to waltz or samba or twist, or rap, or grunge . . . whatever it is I sense the readiness to move.

Tomorrow 9/30, we will have a really cool video during worship. I'm not into American Idol, but this one is great, it brings a tear to my eyes, and I 'm certain it will tomorrow. Ernie and I were working on the laptop trying to work this out, and I think . . . we are ready to show this video. I've had it for a couple of months, and it will speak to our lack of confidence in how we are gifted. So, be ready!! Be a Tiger (listen to the message to get the point)!!

See you!! I probably won't be able to sleep much tonight, the adrenalin is already pumping!!



  1. Hi Pastor Michael-

    I've really been enjoying your sermons. I really appreciate your use of music. I've always thought that there is a perfect song for every occasion. And I have been a Paul Potts fan for some time now. Did you see the video from one of his later appearances on the show that included more backstory on him? He was bullied and always thought of his voice as his best friend. I cry when I hear him sing, and Sunday was no exception.

    I'm a late add to your Network class (so add one more to your total). See you Wednesday.

  2. Thanks Indywriter -

    I appreciate the words of encouragement. I'll always take them. I didn't see more of the story, I thought I had watched all the youtube videos of Paul. I, too, cry when I hear him. I hope he does something tremendous with his voice, especially for the kingdom. I don't know if he is a Christian, but he would have a great story.




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