Monday, September 17, 2007


Wow - two days in a row. I was really excited today when I saw how many people signed up for the Network class on Spiritual gifts. I expected maybe 15-20 for the first week would be a good start, instead we had . . . ready for this. . . are you sure . . . I know, I'm playing with you, teasing you, and I love it. Oh, what was I saying? Oh yeah, we had 53 people sign up. How cool is that. And I know more will be signing up.

It tells me we are hungry to know what God is planning for us, and I know the word great is involved. It would be so great if we could hit 75 people signing up for the spiritual gifts class. 100 would blow me away. I'd have to sing a song for that one.

Go to this link and you can read more about the book at

Anyway, wanted to share the great news with you.



  1. It is really great to hear about all the interest in the spiritual gifts class! I was intrigued by it the first time I heard about the curriculum at a Board of Christian Education meeting. I sense excitement and hunger for spiritual growth in our church as well! I pray this class will help further reveal what God has in store for us as individuals, as well as for the Church as a body. I would like to put a special challenge out there for the young people of the church to sign up. I know that life gets busy with school, jobs, children, etc., but I guaruntee that God will bless the time that you spend with Him!

  2. Thanks Tammy! I really believe there is a hunger in our church. It's really cool to be part of this. Maybe this can be discussed in Sunday School classes. I'd be happy to stop by and pitch it in more detail.



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