Sunday, September 16, 2007

Coming and Going

Hey There -

It's hard to imagine the week has gone by so quickly. Ever notice they start slow and and fast? That's how they go for me. It all gears up to Sunday. Weekends are not the same for me as they are for most. All the weeks preparations lead to Sunday morning worship. In essence, the fruits of my labors is made evident to about 300 people on Sunday morning.

Last week was filled with meetings, Deacons, trustees, staff, CE, tech and finance. I had something going every night from last Saturday - Friday. I'll gladly take a night or two off. This week the Deutsch family gears up for Joshua's first football game. They play next Saturday morning at 10:30 at the high school field. Joshua is excited, he wants to be a wide receiver. It's fun to watch him slowly become more aggressive. I have to admit it's fun to see him getting in the action. Zachary is the youngest of the kids playing soccer. They range from 8-12 years old, but he was more advanced than the 5-7 year olds, so he's in the older league. He's actually holding his own.

I took some of my sermon to heart this evening and treated my body well. Instead of my usual desert, I had cholesterol free egg omelet. Sometimes I do listen to me.

Remember to pray for Maryann W. for her back surgery which is tomorrow morning (Monday).

I am going to try to post to this blog every couple of days, so pray for me to have the discipline to do so.

The community band did a wonderful performance tonight at church. When you think about it, most towns of 6,000 don't have bands that large. Pretty cool. I wonder if they could do a little Pink Floyd? You know Pink Floyd used an orchestra at times. Maybe they could do a laser show a la Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Anyway, have a great week, help others to see the greatness inside of them.


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