Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sports Boys / sick boy

It was really hot out there tonight. We watched the Z-man or Zach attack in soccer practice. He is holding his own against older kids. He's the youngest out there, he's 7, playing with 8-12 year olds. He really hustles and blocks a good deal of the other kids. It helps that he is pretty fearless. Don't tell him I used the word pretty in a sentence about him.

Then it was onto football practice for Joshua. He is learning to be more aggressive on the field, but there is that fear factor when you first play tackle football. He really wants to play wide receiver, unfortunately at this age there is not a lot of passing. Too bad, because he is one of the faster kids out there. They did tryouts for the kicker. That is the person who kicks off from the tee after touchdowns, etc. They had the kids line up and kick, Joshua made the first cut, then the second cut, then it was down to him and one other boy. Joshua ended up being selected as the kicker. It was great to see your child succeed right before your eyes. Every kick but one was good to great. Now he wants to be the wide receiver/kicker.

While Joshua was at practice, Zachary was complaining about his stomach hurting, saying another kid kicked a ball which hit his belly. Turns out the boy ended up with a 102.8 temperature. Amazing he played that well, and was getting sick. So . . . keep him in prayer over the next day or so.

It will never cease to strike me at the tugging on your heart when one of your children is hurting. We had to change Zach's pump site tonight, which hurt him a lot, probably because he didn't feel well to begin with. I don't care if he is 7, 17 or 47, it always hurts mom and dads heart when they hurt. I hear him sneezing as I write, it's 10:10.

Okay, have a great night.


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