Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sleeping in Alexandria

I am going to attempt to go to bed a little earlier tonight, and I am bummed about it. Next Saturday is the men of valor breakfast at FBC at 7:30 am. Yes, that is 7:30 am. Way toooooooo early for a Saturday morning. I don't care who is cooking, it's toooooo early, did I say tooooooo early, I hope you get the drift.

Then to make matters worse, Sunday we move the clocks forward, so I lose another hour of sleep. Somewhere along the way, God has a sense of humor and it is directed at me next weekend. So. . . I am preparing the way by writing my lament, maybe it will become a psalm. So, I will try to go to sleep earlier tonight. Last night was a long night, I tossed and turned a lot, too much on my heart, soul and mind.

Thanks for listening.

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