Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Diet

I thought I would let you in on my day's eating. I thought if I periodically write this down, I will need to be more accountable with my eating.

2 egg beater egg omelet, with onions, ham, hot peppers, tomato and carrots.

one lean hamburger (no bun) and salad

South Beach Granola bar

Soup, salad and broccoflower. A broccoli and cauliflower mix.

I'll have some low fat, sugar free pudding and that is it for today.

I did make a batch of chili for lunch, I had a taste and the boys like it, so there you have my day at the food bar. It is a challenge, because I love to eat, but it has been easier to start my diet at home where there is more food accessible to me which is healthy than at church where I tend to scrounge for food. We bought soups today and I'll be eating more soups which are low in fat and carbs. Today's exercise was playing football with Joshua and Zachary.

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