Friday, June 12, 2009


The end of the school year was rather anti-climatic for us. The boys did great, all A's for Zachary, who I never expected to be the student, and all A's and one B+ for Joshua. And here came my dilemma, I thought Joshua deserved an A, and honestly, I thought his teacher let him down. She didn't post grades, didn't give us a clue where he was, when in reality he was 2 points out of 150 from an A. The principal at their awards ceremony spoke about the importance of school and the need to strive to do better and better. It's what we instill in Joshua and Zachary, yet we have a teacher and her aide who are "Christians" (I'm not denying their salvation - so let's not go there!!)

But I felt they let Joshua down. I felt they let us down as brothers and sisters in Christ. I thought their attitude was poor. Are we complainers? No. We ask questions, we want to know what is going on in our child's life and education. We will back him when he's in the right, and we will discipline when he is wrong. Our children are not perfect, no way!!

So, what do we do when we've experienced this hurt, and are trying to teach our child to be responsible, yet have come to realize the school system is filled with a lot of politics and to say something only digs a deeper hole for my children to climb out.

We have come to understand that when someone has an issue with one person, it is taken out on the whole, so my kids will suffer because of the fear of conflict/confrontation, when that does not have to be so.

The deeper issue for all of us is who are we as Christ-followers? Will the world know us apart from the non-Christ-follower? How will we be identified? When we make decisions, how will we make them . . . with Christ in our heart or with an empty and cold heart?

Thanks for listening on a Friday afternoon.

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