Friday, June 19, 2009

Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart

Chuck Black writes about knights, and in this tale, Sir Dalton is a knight of Arrethtree in training, but he lacks the heart and passion of his peers. Part of the problem is that he is in some respects a Doubting Thomas. It is a story of inner conflict as Sir Dalton is well liked, is handsome, but has his inner doubts.

This is a fast moving book, geared to young teens, in the 9-13 range. I will give it to my 11 year old for his review as well.

After he is captured in a prison nobody escapes from, Sir Dalton does escape and meets Master Sejus who explains to him about the Code, the King and the Prince until the young knight in training feels the passion in his heart and becomes one of their most loyal supporters. He knows he must challenge Sir Prox in order to liberate the prisoners as he now believes he can win with the Prince in his soul.

This is a story of GOOD vs. EVIL. The story has a good amount of religious symbolism throughout it.

You can find this book by clicking on the title in the first paragraph, or clicking on the link below. It may be good summer reading for a 4th - 8th grader, or for adults who enjoy these tales.

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