Thursday, January 17, 2008


Semester grades are out - - - drum roll please.................................................

Zachary received 1-B and the rest A's. Despite some radical highs and lows from his diabetes and 1 week off for being sick his grades were excellent. We are proud of him!!

For the first 9 weeks Joshua received all A's, for the second 9 weeks and for the semester he received all A's. I knew he could do it after the first 9 weeks, but I am still in shock. I never came close at his age. We were very proud of Joshua and laid the big carrot in front of him for the second semester, a fully paid drum set for all A's.

Only in seminary and the end of college did I really do well.

So . . . congrats to the boys, they have chosen dinner out on Saturday. We'll see where we end up going.

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