Tuesday, January 29, 2008


it is Tuesday night, it's 11:17 pm, and I'm taking a 10 minute break. I'm sitting at church listening to the wind blow and watch the temperature on my computer drop by the second.

I have started typing chapter 2, entitled, "A Biblical/Theological, Historical and Literature Perspective of Spiritual Disciplines." This is the meat of the entire dissertation process. If this bombs I bomb.

As I thought about this entire process this morning, one thing occurred to me, if I did bomb, if something happened and I just drop the ball on this project, but finish the sermons series and studies, I would be a better person, husband, pastor, friend, etc. And I believe the people of FBC would be led to become closer to Christ than they were before.

I have found the studying aspect to be so freeing, stressful, but fun. Yes, I am weird!! I believe my sermons have more meat in them than they have. Not that I am being critical of myself, but I am spending much more time on sermon prep than I was previously doing. It also means you have to listen a little longer to me on Sundays.

Anyway, just giving an update. I think I am on page 17 of about 80-90. So, I'm maybe 20% home. My goal is to complete 5-10% per night.

As I write that The Happy Song is now playing by Delirious. It's a great song of celebration and rejoicing. If you're lucky, you may even hear it on Sunday, since we will talk about celebration.


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