Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday Reflections

For a cold day, I thought we had a good crowd. I was pondering what worship means as I was preparing myself for worship. Some quick thoughts which occurred to me were ~

Surrendering myself to God
Submission - submitting myself to God
Giving God my whole body in the act of worship

Gaining the perspective that my body can only do what my brain and heart tell it to do. . . which leads me to consider how I act / react in worship.

Through a great deal of reading, I am feeling God's presence and Spirit more and more and moving me to be more (not sure what that means, yet, I have this sense God is doing something and has something more for me).

It's interesting how I see the spiritual disciplines that we are going through, I did not realize the impact they would make on me. That is cool!!

Sunday night was awesome. The Masters Praise from IWU were amazingly gifted and had a great heart for worship. Estimates tell me we had about 200-220 at the worship/concert.

It was a good Sunday and I am looking forward to more and more power in our worship and in us.

It was great to have two people come forward to join the church and another tell me they want to as well. Sense the Spirit, call on the Spirit, open yourself to the Spirit.

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