Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So . . .how are you?!

Wow!! It's been awhile. I'll do a Sunday Reflection tomorrow. Just letting you know it is 12:26 a.m. and I am writing away on my dissertation. I was hoping to have chapter 1 done by tomorrow, and if I push tonight, chapter 1 will be in the books within about 30 minutes. Then comes the proof reading . . . I don't like red marks all over my stuff, kinda sensitive about that stuff.

Then comes the really hard part, chapter 2, it's where I get deep into the Biblical / Theological, Historical and Literature perspective for my project. That chapter is the meat of what I am doing. And it will be the longest chapter of the project, I'm guessing about 60-80 pages.

So, I've got about 10 pages down and another 70 or so to go.

Keep sending those prayers up . . . I'll need energy, wisdom, confidence, encouragement, coffee, exercise, a few good video game breaks, some laughter, some chocolate, some coffee, some Red Bull, a good hug, good eyesight, strong forearms - so no carpal tunnel, I guess those are tonight's needs. Check back tomorrow.

I told Debbie this is an every night endeavor for the next 2 weeks, while I write. As I told her, I made this decision, and I need to finish it off, for better or worse.

Okay, enough babbling, back to work.


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