Sunday, April 26, 2009

10 Dumb Things Christians Believe

“Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe”

Now that’s a title that gets the old brain working. Before opening the book I sat and thought about what those 10 little things could be. Then I opened the book and read the praises and couldn’t wait to get started.

The author goes into great detail about so called “urban legends” of the Christian faith. When reading the first three chapters I laughed out loud a couple of times, remembered people I knew like the author talked about in other places, and thought this could make for a good 10 week study course on Wednesday evenings.

Then I read the 4th chapter and started to struggle with his theology. On more than one occasion the author talks of how if we pray for an answer about something like a new job, a raise at the old job, a new apartment etc. and we don’t get an answer from God because he is telling us “I don’t care.” Not that God does not care, but the decision we make is a free will decision.

Osborne has a different take on God’s providence and sovereignty. Osborne compares and contrasts God using a BLUEPRINT vs. a GAME PLAN. Osborne explains, God does not have a "blueprint" for your life, because if you don’t follow that blueprint, then you have moved out of the perfect plan of God. Instead, he explains God has a “game plan” set up. In other words, if you were supposed to throw a pass, but the receiver was not open, you improvise; and create something wonderful (hopefully). This is the point Osborne is trying to make. So, he makes statement such as “God doesn’t care where we work so much as how we work, where we live so much as how we live, and even whom we marry (as long as it’s within the faith) so much as how we do marriage.”

It’s an interesting metaphor for life, one that causes some struggle and consternation over because it seems Osborne has a lesser view of God’s providence. This would make for a good discussion, but I would want Osborne there to defend his views, since mine don’t necessarily agree with his.

This book may push some people from their comfort zones because of his views. Larry is not a liberal. I have had him in one of my doctoral classes and he was excellent. Other chapters were less stressful on the brain and convicting.

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