Sunday, April 05, 2009

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I had the privilege of reading a prior book from Robert Jeffress entitled, "I Want More!" It was a book about seeking a deeper and more satisfying relationship with the Holy Spirit.

So, I was excited to read this new book, Clutter Free Christianity.

One reason I appreciated this book is that Jeffress is writing about Spiritual Disciplines, a topic which is near and dear to my heart. His main topics to bring a bout a transformed life in which we get rid of all the clutter focuses on 1) forgiveness, 2) obedience, 3) trust, 4) contentment, 5) serving and 6) prayer. This process is a lifelong journey toward transformation.

Jeffress reminds us that the preparations we make in this life will determine how you spend the next one. Yet, What occurred to me is that the preparations we make in this life will determine how we spend this lifetime. It is a nuance from what he was writing, yet I really think this is part of his main point of the book. We live our lives seeking personal transformation so that we can be more Christ-like.

One excellent point Jeffress makes is that "we try to modify our behavior without ever doing anything to transform our hearts, where our behavior origninates." This is a great statement by Jeffress because we try to change on our power and strength, without our hearts ever being changed. For that reason we struggle with our relationship with Christ, we struggle with our shortcomings and lack of spiritual growth. We become depressed and discouraged when that does not need to be the case. This is much of what Jeffress wrote about in I Want More!

The fact that Jeffress quotes one of my favorite scriptures leads me to trust his wisdom as well, as he explains we must watch over our hearts, or guard our hearts, for all of life flows through our hearts (Proverbs 4:23). It's a reminder to watch over our hearts, because it is the center of our being.

This is a wonderful book which will help the reader draw closer to Christ. He includes a short discussion / Bible Study section in the back of the book. I would recommend this book to help with spiritual growth. You can find this book at the link below, or clicking on the title of the book:

You can also find "I Want More!" at this link:

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