Sunday, April 19, 2009


Until now I had never read a book about being environmentally friendly. I know that is how I should live my life, but do I?

Reading Gardening Eden by Michael Abbate' was an eye-opening adventure into the pathology of over-indulgence and neglect so many people enter into.

I was struck by Abbate's passion for the environment. As I was reading, I was swept into his enthusiasm and passion for the world we live in. One of the reasons I appreciated this book was the bluntness in the way he wrote. He got to the point, often times reminding me of the abuses I inflict upon our world.

At times it was not an easy read because I felt like he was stepping on my toes, but I needed that as well. He asks questions that are not easy to answer. For example, since we have dominion over the land, is it ours to keep and destroy if that is our desire, or are we to cultivate the land for the generations which are yet to come.

He explains that so many people are addicted to a lifestyle predicated upon:
  • ME
  • MORE
  • NOW
How true that is when we stop and consider how we eat, how we purchase, what we purchase. There is a somewhat practical section in the second half of the book called Becoming a Gardener. Then he ends the book with a very practical section in which he gives a number of resources regarding - Food, Energy, Transportation, Home and a General section.

If you are interested in learning more about our role in protecting the land from a conservative Christian perspective, then this would be a great introductory book.

You can find Gardening Eden by clicking on the title or clicking on the link for
Random House Books

Happy reading and gardening. Remember GO GREEN!!

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