Monday, April 27, 2009

The Apprentice

Aah, don't you love "The Donald?!" I love watching The Apprentice because it is so bizarre and shows people in their defining moments, demonstrating class or being totally classless.

After last nights fun episode in which Melissa Rivers, Joan's daughter was fired (finally - in my opinion), you could see who the real Joan and Melissa were. They were disgusting. The language, the accusations, the pity they sought after were pathetic.

What's interesting is that this is simply a game, a game where these celebrities are trying to win money for their favorite charity. It's just a game, but these people were brutal to one another. The funny part is that the one who escaped untouched was Annie Duke, a professional poker player (hmm . . . I wonder if she knows how to play the game better than anyone?)

The point . . . how do we portray who were are supposed to be in Christ? Have we changed, been transformed into someone who is honoring and glorifying God? Or are we no better than Melissa and Joan and a bunch of others who have made jerks of themselves?

How would people describe our witness to the world?

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