Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Networking - The good, the bad and the ugly!!

Great night (the good) - - - long day!

After talking to some wise sages after Network, they reminded me that we have something from God going on at our church. When that happens, satan gets very, very angry. He will do all he can to defeat us and take our eyes off the prize we are working toward.

That is what happened today. Ernie and I , especially Ernie, spent lots of time trying to fix power point and John Harris came in and realized there was one button that had pushed off, when it should have been on.

Now, is that from satan (the bad)? No, but what about my reaction and frustration. Now, I have to be careful here. I didn't jump up and down and throw things and yell and scream and punch the walls. However, the level of frustration was great for Ernie and I and maybe, just maybe we allowed this problem to lead us to lose our focus on the kingdom issue and what was most important, and that was Christ.

The day ended up being more stressful than necessary, but that is what happens when we allow outside circumstances to invade (the ugly) our heart and spirit. My spiritual armor was not fully on, and I paid for it.

Next week, I will be ready for the attack.

I hope all at the spiritual gifts class enjoyed it and learned. It gets more intense in weeks 3-6. But the end result is so fantastic. I can't wait to see eyes lighting up and hearts bursting for the work God is doing in their lives. This is one of the great joys of life and ministry!!

I wish we could jump to the end, but we would miss out on the fun and food and fellowship.

Again, thanks to the ladies in the kitchen doing all the cooking for all of us. It was great!!!!!

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