Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Learning From My Boys

Joshua and Zachary did good today. They surpassed the tithe (giving 10%). A new friend gave each of them 5 - $1 bills. They were thrilled. As Joshua walked in the kitchen, he spotted the box for the World Mission Offering, and he excitedly said, "I can put $1 in the box." He was so excited to do this. How cool, he gave 20% without batting an eye.

A little while later, Zachary went over to his box and put $2 in the box (40% offering)! I was proud of them. There was no prompting from Debbie and I to do this.

Then after trick or treating, they separated the candy they wanted and what they didn't. Zachary quickly put most of his in the giveaway pile, even some of the candy he likes, he was giving it away. A total of 74 pieces of candy.

Joshua had a little harder time giving it away, yet in the end he had 63 pieces, including a number of Kit-Kats which are one of his favorites, which made me proud of him.

So the boys earned $2, or about $.03 per piece, which made them happy. Joshua wanted some of the money to be in coins, so he could put more in the World Mission Offering box.

We can always learn from our kids. A good lesson for dad.

Also, please pray for Zachary, he has developed a cold and now a fever (101). He has always been more prone to colds and fevers. Usually, we go through colds at least once per month with Zachary. On the plus side, he usually doesn't get knocked down for long.

Have a great November 1!!

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